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Address: Department of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook NY 11794.

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  • The Third ``Gauge topology" workshop will be at ECT* Trento May 28-June 01 2018. When awailable the link to its web page will be added here

  • Summer 2017: I submitted a textbook "Manybody theory in a nutshell" to Princeton University Press. See its content here

  • Fall 2017: PHY552, Nuclear Physics II. This time focused on heavy ion physics and quark-gluon plasma, see here

  • Fall 2016: special topic course PHY684 on Topological phenomena in QCD-like Gauge Theories, see its brief description in here

  • Spring 2018:I teach PHY408, Introduction to General Relativity. The description of this course can be found here

  • my bio sketch is here:

  • By now (end of 2017) I wrote about 380 papers which in total have about 28500 citations. Four of them have 1000+ status, and another 8 are 500+,my Hirsch index h=82. See more accurate (time dependent) data in Google scholar

  • in Nov.2016 I was coorganiser of the Second workshop on gauge topology, at ECT*,Trento. See its web page at here

  • in Aug.2015 I was coorganiser of workshop "gauge field topology: from lattice simulations and solvable models to experiment", see talks at here My introductory lecture is at the very bottom of all videos at that location . For photos taken at the workshop click here .

  • 2008 conference called ESQGP (Extremely Strong QGP, of course) was related to my 60-th birthday. Here one can find slides of the talks. Parts of some talks as movies are stored separately, e.g. the opening (which of course had no slides), Johanna Stachel, John Negele 1, John Negele 2, Larry Yaffe, Barbara Jacak, George_Sterman, Volodya_Zelevinsky, Joe Kapusta, Rob Pisarski, Victor Flambaum (with great thanks to all participants, and with a sincere apology to low quality of the movies, with some even missing: my debut as a cameraman was mostly a failure)

  • Many of my special topic lectures became part of the book, The QCD vacuum, hadrons and superdense matter, published originally in 1986 by World Scientific, with the second edition in 2004, in Lecture Notes series , see ``The QCD vacuum, hadrons and superdense matter"

  • Some of my lectures/talks available on the web are listed in this page:

  • some recallections about other colleagues: on Gerry Brown birthday , on Mitya Diakonov, on Boris Chirikov (in Russian, .rtf)

  • Pictures of some physicists from Meeting in Duck NC, Nov.2000 , S.T.Belyaev (my Ph.D adviser) Fest, in Phyladelphia 1994 , my first professor Yu.B.Rumer et al (1965) ,