Two postdoctoral Position will be opened in the group from fall 2017. One of them would be for people involved in lattice gauge theory and related to aspects of hadron structure, nucleon spin, input to experiments searching for BSM physics and violations of fundamental symmetries violations. Its start day would be Sept.1st, 2017.

The other one will be a broad search in Nuclear Theory, including heavy ion physics, finite temperature/density QCD, spin physics and other subjects. (Applications for this one should include possible start date, as it can be moved if desired.)

Application deadline will be December 15 2016. Considerations of the positions will start at the end of 2016 and be going till the positions are filled.

Required Qualifications: PhD in Physics. Experience either at the graduate or post graduate level in Theoretical Nuclear Physics.
Detailed knowledge of analytical and numerical techniques.

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Stony Brook Nuclear Theory Group is ranked among the best in the country and currently consists of
permanent members D. Kharzeev, T.Kuo., E. Shuryak, S.Syritsyn, D. Teaney, J. Verbaarschot and I. Zahed.
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