PAGE DEVOTED TO 100 YEARS OF Yu.B.Rumer,1901-1983
My first professor

Rumer was educated in Moscow University, and due to happy turn of events he get to Gettingen, became assistant of Max Born, met many great people there in 1920-s, return back to Russia in 1933 and became professor in Moscow. After few good years he was arrested (``for his connections with Landau") and spent next 20 years in camps and exile. During Khrushchev era he was returned back to normal life, got first a position of a director of Radiophysics Institute in Novosibirsk, and then worked as professor of Novosibirsk University and researcher in Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics. Few old photos (about 1965) from the course ``Unitary symmetry" in Novosibirsk University: this is where I learned the word ``quark" for the first time...

  • Rumer and Abram Illyich Fet, his mathematical support in these lectures

  • Rumer and myself after the lecture

  • Rumer, Kriplovich and Moiseev