Between Boston and Stony Brook:

TRANSPORTATION TIME (hr.) COST round trip (approx.) COMMENTS
Plane Islip + cab 1.5 $480 planes are small (~ 20 people), prop, and rain delays can be hours
JFK/La Guardia + limo 2 (+ 1 rush hr. traffic) $310 (1 wk. advance)
bus + Providence-Islip + cab 2.7 $180 jet (Southwest Airlines)
Car + ferry New London-Orient Point 5 $100 (incl. gas, not rental) nicer drive on LI side cheapest for more than one
Bridgeport-Port Jeff. more frequent
Train + Bridgeport-Port Jeff. ferry direct train 5.5 $120 infrequent most pleasant choice
switch trains at New Haven to MTA buy ticket at N.H.
Bus to Port Authority, subway (/walk 1/3 mi. along 8th Ave.), LIRR from Penn Station 6.5 $90 buses play movies, not optional