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Useful Scientific Links

Online Particle Physics Information from PDG
arXiv e-print archives [or forms interface]
SLAC SPIRES HEP preprint index [or  All SPIRES databases]
Mathematical Physics Preprint Archive
Particle Data Group
Durham HEPDATA Database

Physics pages of interest

Physics News (Brown University) Brookhaven National Labs LANL CERN CEBAF NERSC American Physical Society American Institute of Physics

Computing and Programming Info

The Integrator - doing integrals by Mathematica on-line Tomasz Plewa's numerical methods resources Emacs on-line manual Emacs FAQ (HTML-ized) XEmacs on-line manual vi reference card WWW FAQ Unix FAQ LaTeX reference Emacs intro FORTRAN 90 tutorial CERN library documentation List of Mathematical Packages SM homepage SM (SuperMongo) tutorial SM on-line manual SM command reference Elm FAQ Pine Information Center Perl5 manuals xmgr help files

Periodicals Online

(refer to the ONLINE PARTICLE PHYSICS INFORMATION page for more) List of Physics Online Journals for SUNYSB Users A List of ALL Online Journals Available for SUNYSB users

Misc. Information

STARS - Stony Brook library catalog Math/Physics Library MacTutor History of Mathematics archive