Some talks available on the web

Talk on "Gauge topology and confinement: an update", at CPOD 2014 at Bielefeld, November 2014 is here as pdf

Talk at "Hydrodynamics and quantum anomalies " program at Simons Center May 1st 2014, "Holographic equilibration" is
as pdf\

Talk at "Equilibrtion... " workshop in Brookhaven, April 4.2014, on QCD strings and Pomeron regimes
as pdf

A talk at a HEP2013 at Valparaiso (Chile), Dec.2013, New Regimes of Stringy (Holographic) Pomeron and High Multiplcity pp and pA Collisions
as pdf

Two talks at CERN summer theory Institute, Sept.2010, "Theoretical challanges"
as pdf and "Fluctuations and sounds, and magnetic side of QGP" as pdf

"QCD topology and RHIC" Lecture at June 2010 Berkeley school, as pdf as pdf

Final talk QGP-New Frontiers at Quark Matter 2008, Jaipur as pdf

Introductory talk at 07 meeting of Israeli Physics Society click here in power point (W) format and Einstein Colloquim talk (both Dec.07) here in power point (W) format

For a talk at Quark Matter 05 (Budapest, Aug.2005) click here in power point (W) format

A talk at Trento workshop on Electromagnetic probes and QGP June.2005 click here in power point (W) format

A talk at Calcutta conference on Quark gluon plasma about strongly coupled QGP Feb.2005 click here in power point (W) format

A talk at RIKEn/BNL workshop on strongly coupled atoms click here as power point

A talk at Princeton IAS, Feb.2nd 2004 on ``Quark-Gluon Plasma at strong (QCD) and superstrong (CFT) coupling" is in .pdf format

a talk at RIKEN/BNL large pt workshop, Dec.2003, on ``RHIC initial conditions with instantons/sphalerons: reduced shadowing and enhanced jet quenching" is in .pdf format

a talk at dnp03 meeting and also at RIKEN/BNL flow workshop, Nov.2003 on ``Hydrohynamic flows and QGP properties is in .ps format

a talk at Erice-03 school and also RIKEN/BNL seminar Sept.2003 on why QGP at RHIC behaves as a nearly ideal liquid, in .ps format and .pdf format

a talk in Seattle workshop Strings and QCD, Feb.2003 on The puzzling viscosity of quark-gluon plasma

a talk in Nucl.Dynamics workshop, Feb.2003 on The resonance freezeout at RHIC

at CTEQ school 2000 QCD in the extreme conditions,

Parkcity workshop on heavy ion physics Two topics of RHIC physics,

a talk in Seattle on High energy scattering processes and instantons
a talk in BNL on How the quark sea and glue get polarized.