The Final Exam: on Thursday December 10

The exam and its solution are given here

The basic content is
  1. Rigid body motion, tops, Euler angles etc
  2. Hamiltonian mechanics, phase space, poisson brackets, infinitessimal and finite canonical transforms, adiabatic invariance
  3. Elements of Continuum Mechanics
    • From a chain of springs, to the action of a string.
    • Dispersion and motion of wave packets with dispersion
    • Reflection and transmission of waves
    • Varying the action, the Euler-Lagrange equations, and the canonical stress tensor.
  4. Oscillations, could be on as part of something else, but will not be emphasized
  5. Not on final :
    • The Hamilton-Jacobi theory

Other Items

  1. You may bring a one page front and back list of formulas, though it really should not be necessary.

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