University Physics I -- 2034

  1. We will not officially have class but I will go over problems on Tuesday

  2. Even More ./lectures notes are below

  3. Example problems for thermo are at the texas site under homework #21

  4. Howework is due on Wed, Dec 6, 8:00a.m.

  5. Final Exam Thursday Dec 7. This exam will not be cummulative -- more on this later

    1. Review sheet is here
    2. The formula sheet that will be on the test is here, here, here
    3. and moment_of_inertias
    4. Exam will be based on homeworks #18 and #20
    5. and problems
    6. Chap 20: P30, P38, P58 ; solutions
    7. Chap 15: P59, P61, P63 ; solutions
    8. Questions from the rotational exam are fair game. If your pressed for time look at this last; Concentrate on the easy problems (solutions)-- which I guarantee will be on. For those intereseted in learning for learning's sake, the rest of the exam for class #1 is here
    9. There will be some original questions of a simple nature
    10. The chapters in the book are #15,#19,#20

    Physics attempts to describe nature with a minimal number of mathematical rules. With this set of rules it is possible to quantitatively describe and reproduce a rich set of things that we observe. Most of this semester's material was understood fully by Isaac Newton around 1680. This achievement started the scientific revolution which made possible the comforts of modern life.

    Physics remains a difficult subject which requires significant concentration. Only by carefully doing the homework in a quiet environment will you be able to master the material. I can not make it easy, but I will not throw curveballs. The material in the homework will consistently appear on the midterms and final.

    Lecture Instructors:

    Derek Teaney
    Arkansas State University
    PO Box 419
    State University, AR 72467

    Office: Lab Sciences East, 107

    (870) 972-3313, Fax 3089

    Course Organization

    Grade Determination

    The course will consist of homework, labs and quizzes, two midterms, and the final. The percentage each of these is worth is the following.

    Lab and Quizzes 10%
    Homework 20%
    Midterm I 20%
    Midterm II 20%
    Final 30%

    The Homework

    Homework is an essential part of the course and your grade.

    The problems will be downloadable from the University of Texas website. To use this service one needs to do the following.

    1. First get a identification number from University of Texas called a UT EID number from this site. Please give this number UT EID to me though the password is yours and your responsibility.
    2. Next Logon at this site and register yourself as a student in our class which is Class Number 20341
    3. .
    4. Do the assignment.

    Everyone has a moment in the semester that it is impossible to do everything. Therefore, I will drop the lowest homework. Often it is impossible to tell which homework is the lowest -- some may be worth more than others for example. I will try to come up with the most rational way of "dropping the lowest" homework and apply this uniformly throughout the class.


    Class Meetings

    The class meets Tuesday and Thursday in Laboratory Sciences East 307.


    Labs will be held for the last hour and a half on Thursday on most weeks.

    Office Hours

    Both sections should feel free to come to both office hours.


    The midterm and final exams will be scheduled here!

    Other Items

    The Text Book

    The book is Physics for Scientists and Engineers, by Serway and Jewet. 6th Edition.

    Getting Help

    First one is welcome to come to office hours. There is also Student Support Services

    Academic Honesty

    My policy follows the recommendation of the University


    Every effort will be made to accommodate students with disabilities. Please also contact the Office of Disability Services


    You do not have to come to class. But, I will give quizzes so if you miss class you could get a zero. However, if you tell my one day before (email before 5:00p.m.) that you will not be able to make it to class, and we have a quiz, we will arrange for you to take a separate similar (but not identical) quiz. What is "similar" will be decided by me. I do not need to know why you want to miss class and will not ask.

    Lecture Notes

    I will scan the lecture notes and put them here.

    Week 1 l1,l2
    Week 2 ch1, lab1,l3
    Week3 l4 ,lab2, solutions lab2.pdf
    Week4 Projectile,l5, lab3, solutions lab3.pdf
    Week5 lab4, summary for exam 1
    Week6 Exam1a,Exam1b,solutions Exam1b, solutions Exam1a, grades, lab5
    Week7 lrotational
    Week7 l_momentum
    Week8 lab6,lpractice1, formulas
    Week9 lrot1, lrot2, rot_formulas.pdf, lrot3.pdf, falling_cat.jpg
    Week N+1 Loscil.pdf, loscil2.pdf, lheat1.pdf, lheat2.pdf