Nov. 24-26, 2013, Stony Brook University



Sunday Nov.24 afternoon, SCGP Auditorium (E.Shuryak,chair)
Session 1: 2-4:25 

2:00 Introductory remarks 
2:10 Linwood Lee: Gerry moves to Stony Brook
2:20  Sigurd Kohler: Short History of Nuclear Many Body Physics with Gerry Brown
2:50 Eivind Osnes: The Kuo-Brown effective interaction, from 18O to Sn-isotopes
3:20 Josef Speth: The Stony Brook -Juelich Interaction
3:50 Achim Schwenk: Nuclear forces, neutron-rich nuclei and matter

coffee break 4:20-4:40

Session 2: 4:45-7:15 (T.Kuo, chair)   

4:40 Mannque  Rho: A new topological "twist" to BR scaling 
5:10 Wolfram Weise: Nuclear Chiral Dynamics and Thermodynamics
5:40 Ulf-G. Meissner: Nuclear forces
6:10 Keh-Fei Liu: From nuclear structure to nucleon structure
6:40 Avraham Gal: Nucleon-Delta and Delta-Delta Dibaryons


reception,  SCGP cafe 7:15


Monday  Nov.25, morning (SCGP room 102) : 

Session 3 (B.Jacak chair)

9.00  Johanna Stachel: Charmonium and the Quark-Gluon Plasma: 
 from cold nuclear matter suppression to deconfined heavy quarks 
9.30  Peter Braun-Munzinger: Particle production in nuclear collisions and the QCD phase
10.00 Axel Drees: Thermal Radiation from Heavy Ion Collisions
coffee break 10:30 -10:50

10:50 Nu Xu: Study the QCD Phase Diagram in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions
11:20 Roy Lacey: New insights from flow measurements in heavy ion collisions
11:50 Che-Ming Ko: Mean-field effects in hot and dense matter

lunch SCGP cafe 12:20 -1:40

Session 4,  Monday 25, afternoon: 
(D.Kharzeev, chair)

1:40 Jean-Paul Blaizot: Many-body physics
2:10 Jochen  Wambach: Real-time spectral functions from the renormalization group
2:40 Bengt Friman: Probing the QCD phase diagram with fluctuations
3:10 Raju Venugopalan: Many-body gluodynamics
3:40 Ramona Vogt: J/psi's are jazzy

coffee break 4:10-4:30
Session 5,  Monday 25, aftenoon:  (I.Zahed, chair)
4:30 Thomas Schafer: Gerry and Fermi Liquid Theory 
5:00 Andreas Wirzba: Electric dipole moment of the nucleon and light nuclei
5.30 Macej Nowak: Spectral shock waves and QCD
6:00 Kevin Bedell: Higgs Amplitude Mode in Ferromagnetic Metals
6:30 Khandker Quader: Novel Physics near Pomeranchuk Instabilities: 
A Crossing-symmetric Approach

dinner, SCGP cafe 7:00 


Session 6,  Tuesday, Nov.26 morning,morning (SCGP room 102)

(J.Lattimer, chair)

9:00 Karlheinz Langanke: Nuclear physics and core collapse supernova
9:30 Edward Baron: Diversity in Type Ia Supernovae
10:00 Madappa Prakash: Neutron star news and puzzles

10:30-11:00 coffee break

11:00 Chang-Hwan Lee; Neutron Star Mass Distribution in Binaries
11:30 Ralph Wijers: Gamma-ray bursts and the black holes they make
12:00 Adam Burrows: Converging on the Theory of Core-Collapse Supernovae