Lecture Notes and Tentative Schedule

These are lecture notes that I use. They are not a substitute for a good book or for going to class. But, if you miss one class they can work for you


Week 1: 8/25
part 1

The Maxwell equations and mathematical review:

Electrostatics and dielectric media

Week 1: 8/25
part 2

Week 2: 9/1 Methods of Electrostatics
Week 3: 9/8 Week 2 continued
Week 4: 9/15 Electrostatics in Material:


Week 5: 9/22


Induction, Conservation Laws, Waves

Week 6: 9/29

Quasi-statics in vacuum and metals. Maxwell Equations for Potentials.

Week 7: 10/6 Conservation Laws. Propagation of waves in media and interfaces:
Week 8: 10/13 Dispersion. Wave packtes.

Non-Relativistic Radiation

Week 9: 10/20 Retarded Green Functions.
Week 10: 10/27 Multipole radiation and radiation from slow charges.

Relativity and Relativistic Radiation

Week 11: 11/3 Relativity and Electrodynamics:
Week 12: 11/10 Radiation from relativistic charges:

Scattering and Diffraction

Thanksgiving: 11/24 Scattering and Diffractioon
Week 14: 12/1 Scattering and Diffraction