Physics 141 Honors Classical Physics


  1. In the final exam you may bring a 3x5 index card of formulas.
  2. Study materials for after second exam are
    1. formulas
    2. thermo_sound and here and solutions
    3. waves and here and solutions
  3. There are homework problems problems and a summary of sound and thermo formulas formulas
  4. The exam and solutions are below here
  5. Updated Lecture notes are here.
  6. Updated Lab schedule is here

Lecture Notes and Tentative Schedule

Week 1: 8/31 l1, l2
Week 2: 9/07 l3, l4
Week 3: 9/14 l5, l6and7, l7prof_shuryak
Week 4: 9/21 l8, l9, l10 hw4_sol
Week 5: 9/28 l11, l12, l13, hw5_sol, pexam1, pexam1_sol, triple_attwood
Week 6: 10/5 l14 exam1, solutions, grades , l15
Week 7: 10/12 l16, l17, l18 reciation1015.pdf
Week 8: 10/19 l19, l20 l21 sho_note reciation1022.pdf
Week 9: 10/26 l22 tacoma_narrows.mp4 l23 resonance_sides.pdf, l24, recitation1030.pdf
Week 10: 11/02 l25, moments, l26 l27_28
Week 11: 11/09 l27_28 falling_cat skater, l29.pdf
Week 12: 11/16 l3032.pdf wave_problems wave_formulas
Week 13: 11/23 exam2, solutions to exam2
Week 14: 11/30 l33 l34 l35 l36
Week 15: 12/07 l37, l38, engines, crank and cam

Labs Schedule

  1. Makeup Labs are only for people who had an excused absence.
  2. Questions about the lab should be sent
  3. Lab Reports are usually due for Monday/Tuesday People by Friday at 2:00p.m. Wednessday thursday people by Monday 2:00p.m. They should be turned in to the Physics 141 box in A131. The lab itsself is in A117.
  4. A sample lab report is lab_samp
  5. The LaTeX file used to create this report is lab_sample.tex
  6. Guidelines for error analysis is Error Analysis
  7. Summary of lab enrolment is lab_setup.pdf

Week 1: 8/31 No Lab
Week 2: 9/07 No Lab
Week 3: 9/14 Projectile Motion, Error Analysis
Week 4: 9/21 Acceleration
Week 5: 9/28 No Lab
Week 6: 10/5 Make Up
Week 7: 10/12 Energy Conservation
Week 8: 10/19 Momentum Conservation
Week 9: 10/26 Simple Harmonic Motion
Week 10: 11/02 Make Up
Week 11: 11/09 Angular Momentum
Week 12: 11/16 Standing Waves
Week 13: 11/23 Thanksgiving No Lab
Week 14: 11/30 Absolute Zero
Week 15: 12/07 Make Up

Course Organization


This is a wonderful course. It is about the very familiar: falling rocks, motorcycles, ladders, diving boards, etc. . Nevertheless, Sir Isaac Newton introduced a fairly abstract way of measuring, quantifying, and understanding these familiar things, which is truly profound. The goal of this course is to introduce you to this human endeavor of measuring, quantifying, and understanding the familiar that we call physics. He is depicted below. This course is perhaps the only science course that you have ever taken which you can really truly understand both at a mathematical and intuitive level. This is the honors course and calculus will be used. The course content is the same as physics 131 but will go into greater depth, perhaps covering fewer topics.

Lecture Instructors:

Assist. Professor Derek Teaney:

Derek Teaney
Department of Physics & Astronomy
PO Box 3800
Stony Brook, NY 11764-3800

Office: Physics C-135

(631)632-4489, Fax 9718

Laboratory Assistant

Jeremy Reeves : Lab 1 (see schedule)

Grade Determination

The grading will be based roughly on the following table. I reserve the right to change these proportions (within reasonable limits) as the course progresses. My intent of course is to follow these guidelines.

Exam 1 25/15%
Exam 2 25/15%
Final 35%
Homework/Recitation 15%
Lab 10%

The 25/15% means that the highest of the two in class exams will be given 25% and the lowest of the two in class exams will be given 15%. There will be no makeups for the in class exams. If you miss an exam because, e.g. your car breaks down, this will count as your low score. In this way the bad things that happen in life will set you back, but will not knock you down!

Homework and Recitation

Recitation/homework is a major component of this course. Experience has shown that students who do not do the homework will not know what to do on the exams. Homework will be based on the Mastering Physics homework system. Recitations will meet once a week and a quiz may be given based on the homework. We will to try an alternative assesment instrument: you will work in groups of 3, assigned by me, to solve a group problem and turn in your answers by the end of the session. The groups grade will be applied to everyone in the group.


Class Meetings

The class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday in P118 in the Physics Building


Recitation hours are on Wednesday


All labs are in Physics A117

Office Hours

Please feel free to contact me at anytime. My official office hours are,

Mr. Reeves has office hours at:

Physics 141 -- The Laboratory

The grade for the lab is 10% of the course grade and will be based on the average of the your lab grades.


Other Items

The Text Book

  1. The book is Physics for Scientists and Engineers, by Douglas C. Giancoli.

Mastering Physics

  1. We will use Mastering Physics, a web-based tutorial and homework system for this course. If you purchase the textbook, access codes for Mastering Physics are included in the purchase price of the textbook. If you do not purchase the textbook, then you must purchase the access codes separately to enroll in this course. In either case go to: and click on the click on Register New Students. Then either use your book access code or buy an access code and register. The course code: MPTEANEY33524

Academic Honesty

Please read the statement on the undergraduate physics web page on student ethics and academic honesty. We will apply those standards to this class.


If you have a physical, psychological, medical, or learning disability that may impact your course work, please contact Disability Support Services at (631) 632-6748 or They will determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation is confidential.

Students who require assistance during emergency evacuation are encouraged to discuss their needs with their professors and Disability Support Services. For procedures and information go to the following website:


You do not have to come to class. But please try. During recitation a quiz could be given (though some number of quizzes could be dropped).